Watch Parties

Enjoy your favorite shows and movies, together with your community. Watch Parties is the first product of it’s kind for Premium Content (Prime Video).

Watch Parties opens up a new category of expression for fans of shows and movies. Prime creators can now start a special type of stream that allows Prime viewers to watch Prime Video together.

In a Watch party, the live stream is separate from the syncronzed Prime Video feed, keeping the content pristine while providing layout flexibility according to each users’ liking.

Streamers with a passion for shows and movies can now express themselves in a brand new category. Tired content creators can wind things down and still engage their community.

First timers are guided via onboarding to sign up or into Prime, eventually arriving at a catalog of titles.

A new Watch Party has been created and now appears in discovery. The streamer can monitor its progress to take various actions.

Rules for first time chat users and interaction behavior for creator title search.